Why Organic Social Media Marketing Is Not A Marketing Strategy.

Many businesses look to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as free marketing outlets to reach consumers, and unfortunately a large number of those businesses rely on those channels as their primary marketing stream. While Social Media is a very important component of your marketing effort, organic social media is not even remotely close to being considered a realistic primary marketing tool.

Lets start with defining “Organic Social Media”. Organic Social Media is any non-paid social media distribution of content. It’s where you log into your account, you post something and hope (because that’s all you’re really relying on at this point) your customers see your post and engage with your business in some way. I sit in a lot of meetings where clients want to “make something go viral”, and when I hear that phrase it’s usually the point where I check out. There is no formula, potion or magic wand that will make something go viral, it happens without expectation and by virtue of nature. It’s basically the equivalent of lottery tickets being your retirement option. In the very few instances where companies have succeeded in developing artificial content that goes viral, they’ve been quickly sniffed out as manufactured content and the backlash has been severe. What’s also important to understand about Organic Social Media is the limitations imposed on your account by virtue of being a business account. For years people would ask me “How does Facebook make money?”… Simple answer, paid advertising.

We’ll use Facebook as the example since they’re the most prominent Social Media outlet at this time. Lets say your business page has 10,000 followers, Facebook immediately reduces your content distribution to your followers to below 10%. Some studies have shown it as low as 6%, but we’ll error on the conservative end of the spectrum for the sake of easy math. Using the 10% audience size, of your 10,000 followers, the absolute best you can hope for to see your post is 1,000 people. That’s terrible. Let’s assume we were talking about a Direct Mailer and I said, our mailing list is 10,000, but I can only guarantee at most 1,000 people will receive the mailer, would that be a reasonable marketing option? Of course not. Why does Facebook reduce your distribution audience? Because they want you to run paid campaigns that reach a broader audience. If all businesses could reach all 10,000 people who follow them, there would be far fewer business running paid campaigns.

Next you have to factor in the understanding of algorithms. While no Social Media outlet shares their content distribution algorithm, we can make some basic assumptions. People who like your Business Page are associated with other people, they engage with other people and those people have things they follow and like on social media. All of these factors combine to help the algorithm determine who sees what. So 99 times out of 100, the algorithm is targeting your most dedicated followers. You’re preaching to your choir. Not a horrible thing, in fact it’s necessary in marketing, but more often than not, the people who are your primary consumer audience are the only people seeing the content you are posting using an Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy.

That being said, in the Facebook universe those most dedicated followers (fans) can expand the reach of your content by Commenting, Liking and Sharing your post, but that’s essentially a word-of-mouth campaign. Certainly a valuable resource to a business, but it’s not a quantifiable marketing strategy.

As the universe of Building a Brand expands, it’s essential to understand all of the related components that go into that process. Building solid marketing channels with clearly defined marketing channels is a process that requires an understanding of the underlying structures as well as solid Advertising and Marketing experience.

If you’d like to discuss your Branding, Marketing or overall Advertising needs, please contact Dave Holak Design @ ‭(609) 415-0216‬, or email dave@daveholakdesign.com

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